SAN FRANCISCO -, Inc., a supplier of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, announced the onboarding of NESW Air, LLC (Miami, FL), an aircraft parts and components supplier for major commercial airlines, helicopters, military aircrafts, and private jets worldwide. In addition, NESW Air offers component repair lifecycle management, parts consignment programs, and air charter services.
The company chose to create a system that would competently and efficiently manage the full spectrum of its services. In addition, they required a system that would allow fully remote operability 24/7 to accommodate clients, customers, and partners located worldwide.

“I could not be more pleased with the system. And, the support provided by their team has been exceptional. Within just four days - and during the holiday season - was able to fully integrate our system while simultaneously providing around-the-clock support to our teams located abroad,”

Commented Lena Jabel,
President and CEO of NESW Air

The cloud-based platform integrates with aircraft parts marketplaces and presents users with real-time pricing and inventory data. Its business intelligence feature provides insights that help businesses make informed, data-driven decisions. Additional features include automated quote generation, inventory management, customer relationship management, and documentation and records management. Essential to the system is the appropriate amount of flexibility it allows, which ensures that its software is maximally effective, efficient, and relevant, given the needs of each client.

“NESW Air brings vast expertise across the broad-ranging aviation parts and services business, and we are proud to have built and now support an ERP system that is flexible and will facilitate all aspects of NESW Air’s operations,”

Said Slava Zadorognuk,
Vice President of Business Development at

About NESW Air

NESW Air is a US-based, woman-owned business specializing in aircraft parts supply, consignment programs, and repair management for commercial and military aircrafts, as well as corporate and private jets.

About is a cloud-based ERP software, developed and designed by, Inc. to address the needs of organizations serving the aviation industry, including the management, purchase, lease, exchange, repair, and sales of aircraft parts.

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