The future of aviation is being shaped now, with over 40 companies awaiting FAA certification of over 200 new Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Advanced Air Mobility vehicles. Aviation suppliers and MROs inevitably will face the challenges of changing infrastructure needed to successfully support production and aftermarket of the new aviation technologies and platforms. The aerospace industry needs to reinvent itself to be leaner and more efficient maintaining and supplying spare parts for the enormous fleets of new aircrafts that will fill the sky but also repair stations very soon. is uniquely positioned to answer the call of aviation suppliers for the new generation of tools. We have built and successfully launched a robust and powerful ERP system, purposely built for and by aviation suppliers to meet the massive future demand for spare parts and services caused by AAM going mainstream. With this new tool, aviation professionals have access to modern cloud-based aviation ERP, with capabilities to sell, purchase, exchange, repair, and lease aviation spare parts. In addition, our system contains process automation tools, CRM capabilities, advanced analytics, and much more. The system is capable of supporting a quick scale of number of transactions, RFQs, and Quotes with less resources it takes now to operate legacy solutions, while being continuously improved to offer full process automation.

We are also building a new kind of Marketplace to connect end-users with suppliers. It will have capabilities of connecting to multiple ERP systems of end-users and suppliers, automating search and procurement of spare parts and services. We will offer financing, payment processing, 3PL warehousing and logistics, as well as process automation equipment to help our customers to keep theirs focus on their business. By developing our products, we are committed to revolutionize aviation aftermarket support industry and meet the demand for new and improved infrastructure to support Advanced Air Mobility platforms.

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